Mass Balance

By assuming a constant source emission, transects measuring trace gases upwind and downwind of a source can be used to infer the emission rate of the source. Few assumptions need to be made making this an ideal method to monitor large sources that can be measured with an aircraft.


Dispersion Modeling

The dispersion of reactive and non-reactive gases in the atmosphere is necessary for many ground based techniques. The modeled concentration of target species can be related to the actual measurements to infer the emission rate. There can be significant uncertainty when using such methods as dispersion modeling relies upon assumptions and simplifications of a dynamic environment. We work on understanding the best measurement practices for dispersion modeling based measurements.


Large Eddy Simulation

Large eddy simulation (LES) is a state of the art turbulence model that can simulate turbulence in the atmosphere, which simplified dispersion models cannot. LES is achieved through high performance computing and can help to understand complex dispersion situations.